Benjamin Mee
Inspirational & Motivational Speaker

Benjamin Mee is the man behind the bestselling book and Hollywood blockbuster We Bought a Zoo, starring Matt Damon and Scarlet Johansson. His inspirational story is of one man's leap of faith, triumphing over personal tragedy, and the battle to suceed, whatever obstacles stand in your way.

Benjamin's  speeches  are renowned the world over and he has conducted speeches for high profile businesses and organisations in both the UK and abroad, including a tour of USA. His talks are engaging with a relaxed and informal speaking style. Eloquent, entertaining, and human, Benjamin tailors his talks to the requirements  of each individual client. With an array of inspiring and uplifting themes, Benjamin strives to apply his enthusiasm, commitment and passion to every audience he  addresses. Focussing on the themes of:

- Motivation and inspiration
- Overcoming obstacles
- Teambuilding
- Achieving goals
- Inspirational keynotes on the theme of leadership and change
- Award ceremonies
- Entertaining after dinner speeches

In an engaging and amusing way Benjamin draws on his experiences of buying a zoo, overcoming obstacles, and having his story made into a film, highlighting key themes for corporate events and clients such as CAPITA, Royal Mail, Tesco, Direct Line and Duke of Edinburgh Awards. He also delivers purely entertaining after dinner speeches. Dartmoor Zoo also has the facilities to conduct corporate days on location at the Zoo itself with keynote speech and team building activities.

Let Benjamin introduce you to the world of novice zoo keeping; to Sovereign the scheming, escaping Jaguar; to agitated porcupines, and to over 200 other animals including 5 tigers, 3 lions, 3 bears and 7 wolves. Hear what it’s like to have a movie made about you; being told that Matt Damon is going to play you; about visiting the set, appearing in a cameo role, and walking the red carpet. Benjamin Mee's inspirational story is one of triumph over tragedy and the passion and perseverance it takes to succeed. He reminds us of the importance of striving to meet our goals -even in the face of adversity.

Due to his background, interests and experiences, Benjamin is extremely adaptable and is also able to speak on a variety of topics not limited to the list above. He is heavily involved in conservation, working with the community, working in symbiosis with local businesses, working with volunteers, and has many research strands underway related to education and his scientific areas of interest, so he can tailor his approach for each client depending on the aims of each event. He is also passionate about science communication.

Download his one page profile here: Benjamin Mee Profile


This video is an interview by agency 'Speaker's Corner',  about his story,

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